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Gunvant Thakor

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Gunvant Thakor, born in a small village called Lhor under Mehsana District, was only 5-6 years old when his family moved to Thaltej, Ahmedabad, from their native place in search of bread. His parents were laborers by profession and depended on daily wages to survive.

Like every parent, Gunvant Thakor's parents also wanted him to send school, provide good education and see him doing a well-paying job someday in the future. Both the mother and father of Gunvant were working hard to manage their family expenses and pay for Gunvant Thakor's education.

Gunvant Thakor was watching his parent's exhausting struggle that deeply moved him. Every kid loves their parents more than anything else in the world. He desperately wanted to attenuate his parent's struggle. So, he decided to quit his education and started working to help his family earn bread.

Gunvant received Rs. 4 as a daily wage for his work, and he was happy with his earnings. However, he was very passionate about joining the film production industry. Once, he decided to try the film industry and joined the film industry as an assistant. The film production house he was working for was situated in Ahmedabad, 12 KM away from his residence. Nevertheless, his passion kept him motivated to travel 12km every day on his foot. Two years later, he purchased a cycle from his savings to travel to Thaltej.

Over time, Gunvant Thakor got engrossed in his film line job. He also started penning down his original compositions, which served him as another stream of income. He was getting more confident that he could do good work in the film line.

In the 90's decade, Gunvant Thakor led a founding stone for his new venture into the film industry. He founded 'Laxmi Studio' in 1990 and started producing his songs under his company's branding.

Gunvant Thakor, while recollecting his struggling period, said that he used to visit every cassette store to spread the word about his songs and Laxmi Studio. He used to request cassette store owners to help him sell his song cassettes in return for suitable compensation, Gunvant added further.

Over time, his songs started receiving good responses from the listeners. He used to receive thousands of calls from various cities for live programs or to appreciate his work.

Gunvant Thakor was blessed with a baby boy when he was 21 years old. He named his first boy Jigar and also decided to rebrand his Laxmi Studio to Jigar Studio.

Gunvant Thakor gained wide recognition when he collaborated with Vikram Thakor in 2004 for the very first time. Gunvant Thakor write and composed Vikram's album 'Meldi Mano Madhado,' and a song from the album 'Sona Ni Into Padavajo' got surprisingly very popular.

Gunvant Thakor got a place in the mainstream after his successful album with Vikram Thakor. Gunvant, in 2006, produced a Gujarati movie ‘Ek Var Piyu Ne Malva Aavje’ in association with Vikram Thakor. The movie was soon declared blockbuster and broke all the records of Gujarati film industry.

 Gunvant Thakor's hard work and struggle paved his way to success in the film industry.  Around 2009, Jagdish Thakor approached Gunvant for a collaboration. They, conjointly, produced a movie ‘ Tuto Sajan Mara Kadje Korani,’ a first Tollywood styled action movie along with many albums. In 2013, he produced a film 'Preet Jhuke Nahi Saath Chhute Nahi' which also turned into a successful movie.

Everything was going in favour of Gunvant Thakor until he suddenly started not keeping well during 2013. But this bad phase too ended by 2015, and he again concentrated on his work. Soon he collaborated with Jignesh Kaviraj and Aakash Thakor to produce ‘Tu Mari Nai To Koini Nai’ and ‘Prem Ni Majburi, Nandlala and Jiv Hatheli Par Muki Didho Tara Re Bharose’ respectively. All of their albums performed well and looted appreciation from people.

Gunvant Thakor, in his extensive career spanning over 35 years, has collaborated with many eminent artists, including Vikram Thakor, Jignesh Kaviraj, Aakash Thakor,  Naresh Kanodiya, Hiten Kumar, Hitu Kanodiya, Firoz Irani, Rajdeep Barot, Rakesh Barot. He has produced three movies, more than four hundred albums comprising more than five thousand songs, documentaries, Telefilms, and Short films.

Contact Me  |  Mo.: + 91 9558448111

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